Effective Agile Teams

Are your software development teams effective?

Can your teams:

  • Finish projects?

  • Warn you before a project is in trouble—
    in time to correct it?

  • Explain your organization's vision?

Can you:

  • Rely on your development teams?

  • Communicate your teams' status and progress?

  • Evaluate the impact of adding functionality—or not?

3 Steps to Effective Teams:

Learn How Today:

The GROWS™ Method takes the best ideas from the agile software development movement and harnesses them in a growth-oriented, skills-aware framework that features:

  • Continuous build, integration and testing for real-time feedback
  • Tracer Bullet Development to lower risk on implementation, scalability, usability
  • Intentional, bounded experimentation to lower risk on technical design decisions and process improvement
  • Predictability from forecasts based on real data, under real conditions, instead of low-data-quality estimations

In these workshops, you'll learn and internalize the critical ideas underlying the GROWS approach with a combination of lectures, group and individual exercises, and audience participation.

Workshops and Services

Each attendee receives a printed workbook with exercises and background information. Regional public workshops are offered quarterly, private workshops can be scheduled at your organization (minimum of 12 attendees required for private workshops). Real-time Virtual Workshops are also available, no travel required. Contact us for details.

Now scheduling for 2017:

  • Team Workshop: (2 Day) Explore the basic ideas underlying the GROWS approach with a combination of lectures, group and individual exercises, and audience participation. You’ll learn how to use: Intentional, bounded experimentation to lower risk on technical design decisions; Tracer bullets to lower risk on implementation, scalability, usability; Predictability based on real data, under real conditions, instead of low-data-quality estimations. Priced at $1499 per attendee.

  • Executive Vision Workshop: (1 Day) Effectiveness fails when leadership drives the work and expects results using a traditional up-front, big-bang approach. Ensure you’re effectively communicating your vision to the teams, learn the best way to understand the team’s progress, and how to steer for success in a modern software environment. Priced at $1499 per attendee.

  • Effectiveness Audit: Are your software development teams effective in producing the outcomes your organization needs? Which of your current engineering and collaboration practices and culture are making you effective, and which are getting in your way? Schedule an audit today and we’ll interview and analyze your operation to help you determine the best way forward.

  • Effectiveness Steering: Schedule a series of Quarterly Checkups after the initial audit to review your progress and keep you pointed in the right direction.

  • GROWS Engagement Package: Includes all the above to help you guarantee your success:

    • An initial Effectiveness Audit
    • Discounted Team Workshop for all developers
    • Discounted Executive Vision Workshop: for managers and executives
    • Ongoing Effectiveness Steering to make your effectiveness stick

Contact us today at sales@growsmethod.com for details.

Designed by the Experts

The GROWS™ Method was developed by: Andy Hunt, a well-known speaker, author and one of the original 17 authors of the Agile Manifesto; and Jared Richardson one of the very first manifesto signers and long-time supporter of the agile movement.

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"I especially like the GROWS fixed-rate understanding of team velocity. I've used that idea on a project where I was able to show that given our task list and our current velocity (reported daily on a wall calendar), we needed help. We got it, and I was then able to show we were on track."
—Mike Bonar, Victoria, BC

"The themes that hit closest to home for me were aligning my work with Executive Vision/Initiatives, permitting Experimentation and tracking my growth through a Learning Journal. I recommend learning how the GROWS™ Method can help your team grow through the application of Agile and Lean methodologies and beyond."
—Harold M, RTP, NC

"Spread this information to masses—this is what the real world needs"
—Zemira L, GROWS Tutorial

What is The GROWS™ Method?

Combining the Best

Combining the best lessons of agile development with tracer-bullet development, a growth model, and inclusive technical and management practices to make development work for you.

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Right Thing, Right Way, In Rhythm

The three legs of Right Thing (learning requirements), the Right Way (modern, reliable technical practices), in a steady, predictable Rhythm gets you the working software you need.

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A Growth Model to Follow

As with any skill—and as with other methods—you and your teams start at the beginning. But we’ll show you where to go from there.

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